Pop-Jazz-alternative conscious hip - hop singer-songwriter stand - up comic


Recorded from my Home Studio...A Little Stand-UP about ZOMBIES & My Song Parody, "Face-Booked"

Stand up @ La's improvisation

People at Intersections

Rodney Dangerfield Impression Rehearsal @ The V.C.

Lots of Laughs...Check it Out!

The 'Bat shit crazy bitch' blues

Do you remember the Bobbits???

The rectal exam...LOL!

Los Angeles 'Improvisation' Comedy Club 

Upcoming song for 'Jazz-edy'

A Studio Video Clip of my Creative Process, as I'm developing Material for my Pop-Jazz-Comedy Performances

Jazz on the Melodica

'Autumn Leaves' performed on a Melodica.

if you watch-at about 3 mins-you'll laugh your ass off

Alternative Conscious Rap by The Artist known as Reverend Ronnie aka Ronald JC

easter sermon 2020

'the world's a scary place'

Another Original Alternative Conscious Rap Composition by The Artist known as Reverend Ronnie...Full Library Available on You Tube Channel (Click Icon near top of page) 

Working on my vocal range

A Unique Sound...

rodney 'danger'virus speaks

Check out this great video

"faceBook-ed: Or how I learned to stop worrying & love..."

My 1st Composition.

A very unique vocal artist


         A Jazz / Pop Musical Concert 


   Beautiful Music

         Song Parodies

               & Stand-Up Comedy                                                          


When it's Safe to go out...I Love You, All, Madly Reverend Ronnie

Location: Las Vegas

M Resort SLas Vegas, Nevada 89044, United States

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